Small Car

£From £90


Medium Car

£From £120

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Large Car

£From £180


XL Car

£From £240

We can remove vinyl graphics for you. we charge £30 per hour pro rata. As part of the process we remove old vinyl, clean any left over glue residue and give the exterior a deep clean to ensure that your vehicle looks its best once the vinyl is off


We do not use razor blades to remove graphics which will damage your paintwork.

We offer a additional service to cater for the removal of the ghosting of letters.

For most vehicles the process is normally quite straight forward, but it is hard to gauge how long the process will take and therefore how much it will cost for a given vehicle.

If you’re concerned it’ll be expensive for your vehicle, we recommend booking it in for an hour, we’ll calculate how much material we can remove in that hour, then use that info to estimate the time for the rest of the project, we will charge for the amount of time it takes though regardless of the estimate. Talk to us.

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