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Designed for vehicle’s that don’t require full paint correction; a single stage machine polish given to bring the gloss and shine back to the paintwork without breaking the bank. Light wash marring and surface scratches will deprive a vehicle’s appearance and present a dull, hazy lifeless finish. Single stage machine polish aims to removes between 60-80% of defects in your vehicles paintwork,

Single stage machine polish aims to removes between 60-80% of defects in your vehicles paintwork,

  • Complete wheel, tyres and arch deep clean and decontamination. 3 Stages of cleaning will be undertaken in aim to remove the deepest of embedded iron and tar deposits
  • Exhaust tips will undergo the same process of cleaning as the wheels at the same time.
  • Full engine bay deep clean and decontamination process, followed by dressings for a presentable finish.
  • A process of pre wash chemicals, and snow foams will be added then to the body of the vehicle, in aim to remove/loosen embedded road grime before we make any washing contact with the vehicle.
  • 2 Bucket/two mitt safe washing procedure will take place, then feather brushing to go into the more intricate areas, ensuring no missed tight edges or grills.
  • Following on with another 2 stages of cleaning with a full decontamination process on the body of the vehicle, removing embedded iron and tar deposits.
  • Vehicle is rinsed, and water spot etching around badges, windows and grills will be removed.
  • We then dry the vehicle using only soft plush towels.
  • Clay barring if needed
  • Full IPA wipe down of all panels in preparation for machine polishing and
  • Tyres and arches dressed with protective and repelling dressings to ensure longer lasting finish.

Each and every Enhancement Detail package we perform is protected with an entry level ceramic coating or high grade sealant and wax combination. You as the customer are always welcome to choose which you’d prefer, and well always professionally advice which is best for the car judging by its age, condition, and colour.

1 to 3 years ceramic coatings choices available as well as high grade carnauba wax

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