Single stage polish on blue supra

Enhancement Detail – Single Stage Polish

Designed for vehicle’s that don’t require full paint correction; a single stage machine polish given to bring the gloss and shine back to the paintwork without breaking the bank. Light wash marring and surface scratches will deprive a vehicle’s appearance and present a dull, hazy lifeless finish. Single stage machine polish aims to removes between 60-80% of defects in your vehicles paintwork,
From £300


We can remove vinyl graphics for you. we charge £30 per hour pro rata. As part of the process we remove old vinyl, clean any left over glue residue and give the exterior a deep clean to ensure that your vehicle looks its best once the vinyl is off
From £0
Itallo Polishing Blue supra to then ceramic coat it

Paint Correction – Multi Stage Correction

1 Year Coating – £30 2 Years coating – £60 3 Years Coating – £80 Wheels £50 Glass £30
From £400
Agricultural & Plant Machinery Valeting

Agricultural & Plant Machinery Valeting

Another EVC specialty is the agricultural work we do. Whether it be for end of season storage, pre sale or getting ready for a show. Elite Vehicle Cleaning are here to help and will do the job.
From £0
Motorcycle Valeting

Motorcycle Valeting

Keeping your bike regularly serviced and maintained is a must for any rider. Corrosion and seized parts adds time and cost onto what can already be an expensive necessity.
From £45
Audi Interior after Interior Deep clean

Interior Deep Clean

Prices dependant on vehicle and interior condition Car interior receives a deep and detailed clean Every inch is covered, every smell, every mark removed or improved.
From £80
Maintenance on porsche 718 cayman in edinburgh

Maintenance Valet

Maintenance packages are suited to customers that have previously taken out a deep clean package with us so you can keep that showroom standard finish month to month.
From £40

Full Valet

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles and signs of daily use quickly build up. This service is designed to cater for vehicles in regular use that haven’t been valeted in few months. Suitable every 3 – 6 months/Irregular Maintenance.
From £70
2018 Porsche 718 cayman inside in for deep clean

The Deep Clean “Elite Valet”

Recommended for cars that has not been looked after in its former years or has been neglected and requires a very deep clean to bring back up to spec. You may also prefer this option when you buy a second hand car and want to give it a once over.
From £125

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