Enhancement Detail – Single Stage Polish

Single stage polish on blue supra

This detail is our most in depth single stage machine polish aiming for a 70-80% reduction in light swirls and defects and a stunning gloss (usually around 70%, condition and paint type dependant), 1 to 3 years coating choices available Each and every deep clean package we perform is protected with an entry level ceramic […]


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Paint Correction – Multi Stage Correction

Itallo Polishing Blue supra to then ceramic coat it

This detail is our best machine polishing detail with an intensive 2 stage correction aiming for at least an 85% often more and a jaw dropping finish and gloss, this is what you should be going for if your main aim is for defect reduction and strive for the near perfect finish, 3 ceramic coating […]

Agricultural & Plant Machinery Valeting

Agricultural & Plant Machinery Valeting

If you work at a farm and use agricultural vehicles daily, your vehicles will probably require a full valet. At Elite Vehicle Cleaning , we steam clean and pressure wash every vehicle to remove stubborn dust and dirt. Our team of trained specialists can also work on your vehicle’s interior to ensure it is looking […]

Motorcycle Valeting

Motorcycle Valeting

Motorcycle Valeting , Keeping your motorcycle regularly serviced and maintained is a must for any rider. Corrosion and seized parts adds time and cost onto what can already be an expensive necessity. Our treatment products have been shown to substantially reduce corrosion by up to 70% while at the same time penetrating and lubricating. As […]

Interior Deep Clean

Audi Interior after Interior Deep clean

If you have recently purchased a used car and require the most thorough clean possible to remove all contact traces from the previous owner, then our full Interior Deep Cleaning service will be of interest to you. Your car may have had standard ‘trade’ car valeting to enhance the vehicle’s appearance, making it more visually appealing, […]

Maintenance Valet

Maintenance on porsche 718 cayman in edinburgh

The Elite Vehicle Cleaning Maintenance Valet is a monthly carry-on scheme that applies to cars that have undergone a “deep clean” detail. We will travel to your home or workplace to wash, vacuum, and replenish your vehicle’s protection to have it look immaculate.

Full Valet

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles and signs of daily use quickly build up.A full valet is designed to cater for vehicles in regular use that haven’t been valeted in few months.Suitable every 3 – 6 months/Irregular Maintenance. First time visit? Lets strip the nastiness off your paint and get a nice coat […]

The Deep Clean “Elite Valet”

2018 Porsche 718 cayman inside in for deep clean

The Deep Clean “Elite Valet” package is ideal for new customers or those cars requiring some extra TLC; those cars which have not been cleaned in a while. More time is spent cleaning the outside and inside of the vehicle where mud, food crumbs, dust and accumulated dirt needs removing. the Deep Clean Valet is […]

Exterior Valet

Exterior valet and detail of a Ford Fiesta using snowfoam

Exterior valet its an introduction to Elite Vehicle Cleaning and the way we work. We use the same methods here as we would on larger packages and recommend this as a weekly or bi-weekly wash. Discounts are given to multi car bookings and full in depth car care plans are available for regular services at […]

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